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Rates for 2 hour rentals
8 Bubbles $325
10 Bubbles $425
12 Bubbles $525

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Birthday Party
Whether for kids, teens, or adults, bubble soccer adds an exhilarating and unique twist to birthday celebrations. It's sure to keep everyone entertained and laughing.
Corporate Events
Bubble soccer promotes teamwork, communication, and camaraderie among colleagues. It's a great way for coworkers to bond in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
Picnics & Retreats
Adding bubble soccer to picnics or retreats can inject an element of fun and excitement, making the event more memorable for friends and family.
Festival & Fundraisers
Including bubble soccer in festivals or fundraisers can attract participants and spectators alike, adding to the overall festive atmosphere and helping to raise funds or awareness for a cause.
Community & School Events
Bubble soccer can be a highlight of community fairs, school carnivals, or other similar events, drawing in participants of all ages for friendly competition and laughter.
Bachelor / Bachelorette Party
For those looking for unconventional and memorable activities, bubble soccer can provide a hilarious and entertaining experience for the bridal party.
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